Teamradio, efficient and direct communication for professional teams

Limitless coverage

Communicate with your team across Europe without borders

Multiple groups

Easily create dynamic groups

Smart radio

Compact and very strong porto with touchscreen and large battery

Management portal

Manage all radios in one clear environment

Teamradio is a compact and reliable solution that saves cost and is scalable. This is why Teamradio is applicable to any organisation from two to 10,000 workers. Whether you are in the hospitality business on multiple locations, the construction business on a large terrain or in the transport business with active workers throughout Europe, in every situation you can save cost and optimize your communication with Teamradio.

Teamradio RG360 by RugGear.
The indestructible 4G walkie-talkie

A light, compact and very sturdy 4G smart radio. This Teamradio RG360 can resist water, shocks and bumps. The enlarged loudspeaker ensures it is being heard and it is easy to operate via its dedicated buttons or the touch screen.

A large battery ensures it will work during and long after your shift is over, so you are never out of reach.

Multiple Groups.
Create unlimited dynamic groups

Contrary to conventional radio systems, Teamradio knows no limits when it comes to the number of groups one can create. You can either create two or more than one hundred and team members can be present in multiples. This way you create more efficiency and improve effectiveness.

Since Teamradio knows no boundaries within the EU, any Teamradio group conversation can have members in multiple sites or even countries.

Limitless reach.
Unlimited coverage in the EU with our smart network

Using Teamradio, each user of our premium system has access to our entire partner network. This enables each team member to communicate with someone from another country as if he or she is standing around the corner. Everybody communicates effortless and without limits within the European Union.

Safety first.
Your communication is highly secured

The Teamradio Premium Security package consists of two services to ensure continuity of your business. First, we apply a digital 256-bit encryption key on all your communication to avoid eavesdropping.

Second, our partner network across the European Union will guarantee you have access to at least two networks per country, so even in the unlikely circumstance that one network fails, you will always have a backup to keep going.

Keep the overview
The management portal gives you ultimate control

Via the Teamradio management Portal you can create multiple groups, start group conversations or communicate one on one with each team member. You can access the port via any device with an internet connection (and browser), for instance on a laptop or tablet on the go.

The Teamradio portal is an important tool to manage your team.

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