Teamradio for logistics

In the logistics world, smooth communication is key to efficiency. Whether you need to coordinate between different departments, exchange real-time updates, or ensure the safety of your team, Teamradio is the answer you’re looking for.

Problems with Conventional Walkie Talkies in Logistics

Using traditional walkie talkies in logistics, warehouses, and storage facilities presents a series of challenges.

Limited range complicates communication over long distances.

Single conversation capability hinders efficiency.

No ability to create dynamic groups for different tasks or departments.

Why Teamradio is the Walkie Talkie Solution for the Logistics Sector

Unlimited Range: Thanks to the multi 4G network, you always have coverage throughout Europe, enabling direct communication over long distances.

Multiple Dynamic Groups: Create multiple groups and ensure colleagues are in the right group.

Dispatcher Management Portal: Access the online portal to manage your communication lines. Here you can easily create groups, manage walkie talkies, and track colleagues with GPS.

Robust & Water-resistant (IP68): The TR360 is compact yet very robust. The rugged walkie talkie can withstand bumps and falls and is also water-resistant, so no worries about dropping or knocking the walkie talkie during work.

Why Teamradio is the Solution for the Logistics Sector

Group Coordination and Flexibility

In the logistics sector, it’s essential for team leaders to have the ability to function in multiple groups simultaneously. In addition, they must be able to communicate with other team leaders, in addition to their primary team. Teamradio enables this. Our service allows team leaders to participate in multiple groups and keeps them always in contact with their teams.

Efficient Dispatching

Our system enables a dispatcher or central control to maintain an overview of all groups and communicate with them. Moreover, the dispatcher can receive photos and messages from employees and directly forward them to the relevant department. This ensures efficient and rapid communication.

Applicable in Various Logistic Services

Teamradio is not only suitable for logistics personnel but also for other services such as inventory managers, drivers, order pickers, first aid responders, loaders and unloaders. Our service offers an efficient and reliable communication solution for all these roles.

Create multiple groups and maintain an overview

Do you work with multiple teams such as inventory managers, first aid responders, and drivers? Then you can easily divide these teams into separate groups. This ensures that everyone hears the information they need to hear, without extra noise. Team leaders or managers can participate in all groups to catch all the communication.

Man op de havens met Teamradio portofoon in zijn hand.
Sound engineer communiceert via Teamradio

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