How Teamradio Walkie Talkies Improve Efficiency and Response Times in Security.

We understand that communication in the security sector is not only crucial, but can also be complex. Whether it’s about managing a large event, securing a construction site, or ensuring safety in healthcare facilities, Teamradio offers the solution you need.

Issues with Conventional Walkie Talkies in Security

When conventional walkie talkies are used in security, several problems arise.

Limited range hampers communication over longer distances.

Can only conduct one conversation at a time, limiting efficiency.

No ability to share photos or other digital information.

No possibility to set up dynamic groups for different tasks or events.

Key Advantages of Teamradio

Unlimited range thanks to the use of the 4G network.

Ability to conduct multiple conversations simultaneously.

Shares photos and other digital information to quickly understand what’s happening and respond more effectively to incidents.

Enables the setting up of dynamic groups for easy communication management.

Improve your security operations with Teamradio’s smart 4G walkie talkies.

Why Teamradio is the Solution in the Security Industry

Flexibility for Group Leaders

In security, it’s important that group leaders have the ability to function in multiple groups simultaneously. Additionally, they need to be able to communicate with other group leaders besides their primary group. Teamradio makes this possible. With our service, group leaders can participate in multiple groups and always stay in contact with their teams.

Effective Dispatching

Our system allows a dispatcher or control room to maintain an overview of all groups and communicate with them. Moreover, the dispatcher can receive photos and messages from security personnel, process them, and forward them to the client or authorities such as the police. This ensures effective and efficient communication.

Preparation via the Portal

With the Teamradio portal, you can set up groups in advance for upcoming tasks, events, or assignments. This ensures a seamless transition between different tasks and creates an efficient workflow.

Remote Communication

Teamradio enables remote communication without the need for an additional repeater. Whether you’re working from a car on an industrial site, patrolling a large area with many buildings, or providing security on a construction site, Teamradio ensures that you always stay in contact with your colleagues and the control room.

Applicable in Various Security Services

Teamradio is not only suitable for security personnel but also for other services such as ticket inspectors, hostesses, retail surveillance, cloakroom attendants, first aiders, facility managers, and fire watchers. Our service offers an efficient and reliable communication solution for all these services.

Healthcare Facilities and Hospitals

In healthcare facilities and hospitals, there’s a constant flow of visitors, staff, and patients/clients, each with their own agenda. Violent incidents and other emergencies can always occur. Being able to communicate quickly and directly with colleagues in these environments is a must. Teamradio offers the perfect solution here.

Man op de havens met Teamradio portofoon in zijn hand.
Sound engineer communiceert via Teamradio

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