Who are we?

Teamradio is a company that helps teams or professionals improve teamwork

We believe in the power of teamwork. Over the last decade any tech development has been used to optimize process and to replace people by automizing a process. Very often this has not resulted in better team performance. In fact, we believe the power of teamwork is often overlooked.

What do we offer?

We provide a communication system for profesionals to keep their hands and minds free on the job. These are the type of professionals that do not have an office job, but that are out and about getting stuff done.

These type of teams are best served by a system that provides direct and efficient communication with the lowest number of interruptions to the job at hand.

This is our aim with Teamradio. This system represents the future of professional radio systems. If offers clear and easy comms at the touch of a single button without any limitations in coverage and with maximum flexibility.

Teamradio Premium optimizes team communications so the team saves time and experiences increased efficiency.