Teamradio helpt Eazzypark met communicatieprobleem

Teamradio solves communication problem for Eazzypark

Teamradio is the communication solution that brings smart radios into the 21st century with unlimited range, multiple groups, and an administrator portal. By working together, Teamradio solves multiple communication problems for Eazzypark.

Eazzypark is a parking service that operates 24/7 in multiple major parking locations, including Schiphol. Eazzypark continuously invests in technology to improve safety and service. Now it’s time to optimize communication.

The problem? Limited range and time loss

Eazzypark faced the challenge of not being able to communicate quickly and safely with the drivers who transport people from the parking lots to the airport gate. A standard walkie-talkie had limited range, and using a smartphone for calls was more expensive, slower, and less secure.

Since we started using Teamradio, we have a much better and faster way to communicate with our drivers. The unlimited range means we can always stay in contact, no matter where our drivers are. It has become an indispensable part of our daily operations.” – Mohamed El Idrissi, Eazzypark.

With the introduction of Teamradio, Eazzypark no longer has to worry about range limitations. The smart radio solution provides unlimited range throughout Europe. Drivers can communicate directly with each other, eliminating the need to use their smartphones, resulting in faster and safer communication. Lastly, the office can use the administrator portal to track the drivers and determine the most efficient routes for them.