Multiple Groups

Teamradio knows no limits when it comes to the number of groups you can create within your team. This is a big advantage versus conventional radio systems that allow you only 2 (channels) per frequency.

This allows for more efficiency because:

Not everyone does the same job

Not everyone is in the same physical location

Not everyone needs to hear everything

Too much communication can be a distraction

Small groups are more efficient and work safer.

Very often, working in smaller groups is safer and more efficient. One team member can part of many different group communications. This team member will receive messaging from all groups that he or she is part and is able to answer on the go using the TALK button

By using Multiple Groups effectively, your team on location A will not disturb the team on location B for matters that only concern location A. It would also allow the manager on location to discuss with HQ without the rest of the team listening in. You can also create a group for team members with similar field of work, but present on different locations.

Using the Management Portal, the manager or dispatcher can create groups and make changes to them. There are no limits to the number of groups you can assign a team member.

Using Multiple Groups is easy as pie, just as communication should be.

Do you also want to easily create multiple groups?

Then you’ll like Teamradio.