Renting 4G Walkie-Talkies with Unlimited Range

Are you looking to rent multiple 4G walkie-talkies? You can now do so with our new rental service in collaboration with Portoconnect. Perfect for organizations and teams that demand flexible, reliable connections without the investment in permanent equipment. Rent your 4G walkie-talkies quickly and experience the convenience of unlimited range with multiple groups.

European Coverage

Unlimited range across Europe

Multiple Groups

Easily create dynamic groups

Smart Walkie-Talkie

Compact and extremely durable walkie-talkie with touchscreen and large battery.

Administrator Portal

Manage all walkie-talkies in one clear environment

Easy to use

Operating the 4G walkie-talkie is simple with a few physical buttons and the touchscreen. With just one press of a button, you are in contact with your colleagues.

Good Sound Quality

The walkie-talkie offers a sound strength of 150 dB through the speaker for clear and noise-free communication, even in noisy environments. Connecting a headset is possible.

Robust 4G Walkie-Talkie with Large Battery

The TR360 is a robust smart walkie-talkie that can take a beating with IP68 certification. The 3000 mAh battery ensures that you can use the walkie-talkie for a long time.

Why Rent 4G Walkie-Talkies via Teamradio & Portoconnect?

With our walkie-talkies, you can communicate clearly in almost all situations. Where mobile phone connections quickly deteriorate, this is not the case with walkie-talkies.

Our walkie-talkie rental service offers the solution for companies that do not want to invest in walkie-talkies directly.

Quick access to unlimited range with the smart walkie-talkies.

Create dynamic groups via the administrator portal.

Specialists are ready to help you set up and arrange your walkie-talkies.

Experience the flexibility of rental: rent walkie-talkies for the exact period you need, without obligations.

Flexibly Rent Walkie-Talkies for Every Situation

Through Teamradio, you rent professional walkie-talkies. Decide for yourself how long you rent the walkie-talkies and only pay for the days you actually need them. Our 4G walkie-talkies offer European coverage and are suitable for any situation. Want to make sure the walkie-talkies are suitable for your situation before you rent them? Then contact our specialists. Feel free to take a look at some of our cases below.


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