Communicate securely using encryption on Teamradio’s network

We ensure that what is discussed between team members over the Teamradio Premium communication system is confidential. No company can afford to leak confidential information, so we are making sure Teamradio is safe through encryption. We use a 256-bit encryption key on all communications.

What is 256-bit encryption?

Whenever a team member dictates a message the system will convert the speech digitally on the go and transmits it to the recipients without delay over the 4G network.

Conventional radio systems use analog transmission which can be subject to eavesdropping. All communications on the Teamradio system is sent digitally over the 4G protocol which in itself is pretty secure. However, we went one step further with Teamradio Premium to provide an extra layer.

To avoid any sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands, we have applied an extra layer which ‘codes’ the transmission. The transmitter automatically applies a digital key to lock the transmitted speech which can only be unlocked the digital key of the recipients. This encryption key ensures you can communicate safely.

The number of denominated bits on the key indicate the strenght of such encryption key, so a 256-bit encryption key is more sophisticated than a 128-bit key.

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