How Teamradio Helps the construction industry with accelerated project delivery

The construction industry is a workplace where good internal communication is of great importance. When this is not done efficiently, it leads to errors and delays. Work interruptions are the biggest enemies of deadlines and profitability in any construction company.

Problems with smartphones in construction

Many construction companies still use smartphones for internal communication, but this leads to unnecessary time loss. Anyone using a phone needs both hands, and in construction, this means, in nine out of ten cases, that the conversation partner also has to stop working to take the call.

Problems with conventional walkie-talkies

When conventional walkie-talkies are used in construction, several problems arise.

Limited range means walkie-talkies cannot be used in all situations.

When a team member is on the move, the range may be too small, causing communication to drop.

A smartphone is often used as a backup option, leading to double time loss.

The lack of groups means there is too much communication. The carpenter does not always need to hear what the plumbers are discussing amongst themselves, as this can also be a distraction.

More time to work when using Teamradio

Because you can always use the smart Teamradio walkie-talkie, reliability increases and significant time is saved. Especially the receiver of a simple order or piece of information never has to stop working and needs no hands to receive the instruction.

Also, the employee or team member initiating the communication, or responding, only needs one hand to communicate. A simple analysis shows that communicating over a walkie-talkie instead of a phone can take half the time on the construction site compared to a phone. This effect becomes even greater as the group size increases.

An average employee in the Netherlands costs about 34 euros per hour, ex. VAT, so if Teamradio helps the company go from an average of twenty minutes of communication per day to ten minutes, it saves over 5 euros per day. This is a multiple of the cost of Teamradio per employee or team member.

Less distraction and more focus with Teamradio

Finally, Teamradio also offers the ability to create multiple dynamic groups. This way, you can always assign each employee to the right groups at any time of the day, so they only become part of the communication they actually need to hear. This means more focus on the job and therefore less chance of mistakes or mutual irritation.

Man op de havens met Teamradio portofoon in zijn hand.
Sound engineer communiceert via Teamradio

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