Sound engineer communiceert via Teamradio
Man op de havens met Teamradio portofoon in zijn hand.

Teamradio Premium gets the most out of your team

Teamradio premium is the most complete smart radio system with all the advantages. An affordable subscription with a smart radio, unlimited range and management portal.

The complete package for your team

With Teamradio Premium, your team can communicate carefree anywhere in Europe in all weather conditions.

A compact and robust smart porto

Create unlimited teams

Unlimited reach, also across borders, within the EU

An easy-to-use management portal

Carefree communication through the security package

What does Teamradio Premium cost?

Efficiency also brings an advantage when it comes to costs. In addition to saving time through better use of communication, you also save costs by working with Teamradio.

The team radio system can be used from €0,65 per working day, excluding VAT. Costs that are quickly recovered because team members no longer have to stop working. There’s only one scenario where you don’t recoup this cost, and that’s when you don’t communicate…