Unlimited coverage in Europe

Conventional radio systems are very limited in their operating range. The radio frequencies used in older systems are very sensitive to its surroundings and therefore actual range can vary strongly. The range of such systems can be limited to just a few kilometres.

Teamradio knows no limits inside the European Union. Whether your team members are at a construction site or on the road in another EU country, you won’t notice the difference.

Besides Unlimited range we will also provide guaranteed range by using multiple network operators within a single country.

Double and triple network coverage

A strong signal is dependent on the coverage an available network provides, which may not be optimal in every location.

This is why Teamradio Premium provides double and triple network coverage with a minimum of two partner networks per country. When one network is down, we will simply switch to an alternative. This is how provide continuity in communication for all Teamradio Premium users.

We have carefully selected our partner networks to provide you with optimal coverage within your area.

Never worry about the availability of your team again?

Be sure to try Teamradio.